Understanding the Benefits of Electronic Signatures
Before you can give serious consideration to the use of electronic signatures in your business, you have to understand the benefits and advantages. Let’s examine a few of the most notable ones:

1. Simple and Intuitive
The biggest benefit of electronic signatures is that they’re simple and easy to use. There are a number of different online solutions, but we’ll use eversign as an example. With their system, you upload a document, declare signers and recipients, and deliver a secure link to the recipient. The recipient signs the document and the process is complete. It’s that easy! If you can open a link and click a button, you can use electronic signatures.

2. High Level of Security
Believe it or not, electronic signatures are safer and more secure than traditional paper documents. Not only do they contain a signature, but they also contain traceable information on who signed the document, when they signed it, and where they signed it. That’s much stronger and more enforceable than your average paper-based transaction.

3. Convenient
We operate in a geographically dispersed business world. These days, even small, local businesses deal with different suppliers, customers, and partners in various cities, states, and countries. Electronic signatures allow for remote authentication, which makes it a much more convenient solution than the alternative of mailing and/or printing and scanning.

4. Faster Turnaround
The convenience of electronic signatures means there’s a much faster turnaround. Instead of sending a document to one party, getting them to print, sign, and scan it, sending it to the next party, and repeating the process down the line, everyone can sign off within seconds. This faster turnaround gives businesses greater versatility in time-sensitive situations.

5. Lower Cost
Finally, electronic signatures are more cost-effective than the traditional pen and paper method. Not only do you save on paper, but you also save on postage, mailing supplies, and time (which is money). Over the years, every little bit adds up.

Now’s the Time to Transition
There’s no need to sound the alarms and go into panic mode if you’re still using good old-fashioned pen and paper signatures, but now is a good time to think about switching.

Electronic signatures are finally common enough that people won’t squint their eyebrows or ask curious questions when presented with a document that needs to be signed electronically.

Perhaps you could wait a little bit longer, but what’s the point? Go ahead and get ahead of the curve so that you can focus on bigger and better things for your business.